2018-09-12 | News

Coloreel appointed county winner for Swedens largest innovation award

Joakim Staberg and his Coloreel have been appointed Jönköping County's most innovative company of the prestigious SKAPA-prize with its revolutionary thread coloring unit for the textile industry.

The SKAPA Foundation, formed in memory of Alfred Nobel, wants to encourage creative people by distributing Sweden’s largest innovation award – the SKAPA-prize. Coloreel won the prize for Jönköping County with the motivation:

  “This year’s winner of the SKAPA Prize in Jönköping County improves productivity and reduces environmental impact in a whole industry while allowing technology to create completely new expressions for designers. Through its innovative instant thread coloring solution, the winner revolutionizes an entire industry.”

The Coloreel technology enables high-quality instant coloring of textile thread while it is in the textile production. The first product to be launched based on this technology is a groundbreaking thread coloring unit that works with any existing industrial embroidery machine. By instantly coloring a white base thread during the embroidery production, Coloreel enables complete freedom to create unique embroideries without any limitations in the use of colors.

  ”It feels fantastic to receive such a prestigious award. I hope our journey can encourage others to dare to go all-in on their ideas, says a happy Joakim Staberg, Founder and Innovator at Coloreel.

Each county winners is awarded  10,000 SEK from Agne Johansson’s Memorial Fund and get to participate in the national contest where the prize is, besides the honors, 500,000 SEK. The national awards ceremony takes place at SKAPA Innovation gala on November 8, 2018, in Stockholm.

World-leading companies in textile, fashion and sportswear are standing in line to use this revolutionary product that will launch 17-20th September at Avantex, the gathering of high-tech fashion, in stand Z428.