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Coloreel Collections are Coloreel’s own embroidery design collections available for open download and use. We release new themed embroidery design collections for Coloreel Studio on a regular basis to inspire designers and digitizers to explore the endless creative possibilities made possible by Coloreel’s instant thread coloring technology for embroidery.

New Collection: Flora and Fauna

‘Flora & Fauna’ is inspired by the beauty and fragility of the complex ecosystems of plants and insects that surround us. 20% of the world’s water pollution is caused by textile and thread dyeing—pollution that puts them at risk. Coloreel is on a mission is to change that. 

More sustainable embroideries

With Coloreel, one recycled thread is dyed to any exact color– during the embroidery. This means no deadstock or thread waste—and next to no wastewater.  It’s like digital printing – but with thread and it gives you unlimited design possibilities.   

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Browse our full embroidery library and download your favorite designs ready to embroider with our free colorisation software Coloreel Studio.  Get ready to discover how easy it is to make them your own with unlimited colors and exclusive special effects with Coloreel.

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Why Coloreel?

By instantly coloring the thread during production, using Coloreel means no wastewater, minimized use of chemicals, and minimized thread waste. And featuring 100% recycled polyester, Coloreel products supports the textile industry’s move towards more sustainable production and decorations.


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