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It’s time to get creative with us and explore what’s possible with unlimited thread color freedom by Coloreel.

Exact colors every time

Let the world be your color palette and have the confidence to bring each and every color to life with your embroidery designs with Coloreel’s Studio color picker tool. Upload an image of the color you want to use in Coloreel Studio and select the exact color from the image with the picker for that segment of your embroidery—no guessing or color codes required!

Have color confidence

Coloreel studio’s smart proofing tool gives you the confidence to design with full creative freedom in Coloreel Studio. Using the inbuilt Gamut tool, you can always check if the colors you’ve selected for your embroidery design are inside the Coloreel gamut. If something is outside the gamut, Coloreel studio will give you multiple color options to modify the color instantly. This means no color bleeds or surprises when producing—only vivid and colorful embroideries

Collaborations full of color

Maximum color, minimal impact

By instantly coloring the thread during production, using Coloreel means no wastewater, minimized use of chemicals, and minimized thread waste. And featuring 100% recycled polyester, Coloreel products supports the textile industry’s move towards more sustainable production and decorations.


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Unlock your color potential

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Explore how easy it is to create your own unique designs with unlimited colors and exclusive special effects with Coloreel.

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