2020-03-16 | Aktuelles

Be ahead of the competition with Coloreel

Using the Coloreel unit can vastly improve your customer's satisfaction by reacting to specific color requirements instantly and by increasing production efficiency.

”There is enormous flexibility using the Coloreel unit; you can always start up with new customers, never needing to wait for specific colors. You get the right colors you want when you need them and you reduce thread waste since you only use the thread you need. Get better results with fewer resources,” says Magnus Hellström, VP Sales & Marketing at Coloreel.

With the standard setup for making embroidery today, the following is included; change the frames, run the embroidery, color change during the embroidery and thread reel change. With the Coloreel unit, you can remove half of them. By only having one white thread, you minimize re-threading time and eliminate downtime between color changes during the embroidery. The whole embroidery process becomes easier with a decreased stock of threads and faster with reduced setup time.

The Coloreel unit can handle the same speed as your embroidery machine and will not slow down your embroidery process. You also don’t need to modify your embroidery machine. The only thing thing that connects the embroidery machine and the Coloreel unit is a stitch sensor to keep track of where you are in the embroidery. All major embroidery machine brands can be used with the Coloreel unit.

By being more efficient along your embroidery process, the Coloreel unit can take your embroidery business ahead of your competition.