2019-07-04 | Aktuelles

Coloreel more than 300% faster than traditional embroidery

We made a comparison video of our revolutionary instant thread coloring technology vs the old traditional way of embroidery to show the vast difference in productivity and other great possibilities you can get with the Coloreel unit.

By using one single thread, the Coloreel embroidery had 66 unique colors, while the traditional embroidery ran 12 different thread reels repeating the colors. Both embroideries ran 700 RPM on the embroidery machine.

It only took 3:34 minutes to finalize the Coloreel embroidery while the traditional embroidery was finished after 12:20. The Coloreel embroidery was 346% faster than the traditional technique.

In this case, we demonstrate the great possibilities you get with Coloreel.

  • You can increase your productivity by removing the downtime between the color changes
  • You can get exactly the right colors you want in your embroideries
  • You get higher quality since you don’t have all the unnecessary thread stumps on the backside
  • You minimize your stock by using one single thread
  • You don´t have any thread waste since you only use the thread you need