How to make an embroidery with Coloreel

The practically unlimited number of colors makes new unique embroidery design possible like shading, 3D effects and many more. You can freely combine stitch patterns and smooth color changes. Only your imagination limits the design freedom!

Eight steps to vibrant Coloreel embroideries

Fotball patch
  1. Create your own unique Coloreel embroidery design using any digitizing software
  2. Save your design as a DST file
  3. Open the DST file in Coloreel Studio, our embroidery colorization software
  4. Choose any number of solid colors, smooth color transitions or any type of effect that you can imagine
  5. Input the DST file into your embroidery machine
  6. Input the Coloreel Studio file into your Coloreel unit
  7. Start your embroidery machine
  8. Watch the future of embroidery taking place in front of your own eyes!
Fotball patch

See what embroidery can look like using Coloreel!