2018-10-23 | Actualités

Coloreel recruits new CFO

Coloreel continues to grow and now strengthens the company further by appointing Mats Hult as a new CFO. Mats will beside the financials have a broad scope including recruiting and HR-activities.

”What intrigued me was that Coloreel is an innovation company where I will be able to influence which direction the company will take, feels very exciting!” says Mats Hult, CFO at Coloreel.

Mats will focus on financial reporting, routines and processes. To develop work on budget, forecast and continue building and expanding financial and liquidity planning will be part of his tasks. He will also be responsible for the company’s various support functions and processes, such as the Personal and Salary Function, IT Function and other administrative parts, such as Business Systems and Quality Systems.

”Mats will be a big help in Coloreels growth and development. His earlier experiences will be valuable for the expansion of Coloreel,” says Mattias Nordin, CEO at Coloreel.

Mats is 45 years old and his latest employer was HSB Göta in the property industry where he worked as CEO. He has a long background of working for producing companies in various roles as CFO, Production Manager, HR and with organizational development.