2020-03-02 | Actualités

Minimize your thread stock with Coloreel

With the innovative Coloreel unit, you only need one white thread to create your embroidery design. What does this mean for your business?

Inventory and stock can be reduced to a bare minimum. There is no longer a need to hold a large thread stock with different colors. You only need one white thread that the Coloreel unit dyes into the color of your choice.

The possibility to decrease your stock was one the basic fundaments of the Coloreel unit and came from Coloreel’s founder Joakim Staberg and his revolutionary mindset.

”I saw the large number of thread reels used in textile production and that you constantly needed to change thread reels and keep them in storage. I thought to myself, why can’t you have one white thread, dye it and then feed it directly into the production process. That was the basic idea that now has become a reality through many years of hard work and commitment, starting with embroidery.”

Another significant advantage is that you always get the right color when you need it. You can start your work directly and don’t have to waste time ordering customized colors. The fact that you don’t need to change reels between orders creates enormous flexibility and efficiency for your embroidery business.

Alongside making your storage easier, improvements include logistics, reduced scrap and reduced labor costs. The Coloreel unit takes the world of embroidery to the next level.