2020-01-27 | Actualités

The advantages of embroidery

The embroidery industry has a long history and has today many applications and uses in the textile industry. The embroidery sector has grown a lot and has become an essential part of the whole textile industry.

Embroidery is an embellishment process applied to textiles and is often used for product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. It is also used in the fashion industry to decorate garments and apparel.

Conny Svanberg, a digitizer and embroidery expert, has been working for almost 25 years in the industry and has acquired a vast knowledge. He is now working at Coloreel bringing his expertise and knowledge to our development process.  He is some of the advantages he has mentioned with the use of embroidery:

  • The life span of textiles with embroidery becomes very long compared to other marking technologies.
  • It creates excellent durability and good resistance to washing.
  • Brings endless design possibilities like 3D effects, working in multiple layers, combining different embroidery techniques such as sequin, patches, laces, coiling, tubular, lettering, 3D/Puffy foam, chenille, appliqué and flat.
  • It brings a vast range of possibilities to apply in different types of fabrics.

Conny also adds; “There is a big trend growing in getting personalized products. Coloreel is well-suited to address that market with the technology to instantly color the thread during production.”

Coloreel enters the embroidery industry to revolutionize it. Coloreel can make a difference and change it for the better. Embroidery is an excellent way of showing the many possibilities of the instant thread coloring technology that Coloreel provides. The Coloreel unit for embroidery is the first step in taking the world of textile to the next level.