2019-12-11 | Actualités

Why Coloreel is a game-changer for the embroidery industry

Embroidery is an industry that has much history and has been an essential part of the textile industry over the years for decorating fabrics with a needle and thread. With the Coloreel unit, the embroidery industry will enter a completely new age.

The embroidery machine industry started as early as the mid-1800 with the invention of the hand-powered embroidery machine. The technology has evolved since then by the use of automation, multiple needles and nowadays, the more recent computerized embroidery machines that can read patterns and complex stitch designs on fabric.

The technology has been optimized and refined thanks to computer-controlled machines that the embroidery industry was early to embrace. However, the principles governing the embroidery process have not changed and today’s machinery still presents several limitations in terms of efficiency of the operations (significant setup and downtime), color range limitations, waste of raw material and limited resource efficiency as even the smallest embroidery shops must be stocked with several colored threads and if not used are generally wasted.

The Coloreel unit is changing the game by offering these solutions to the industry:

  • Inventory and stock reduced to a minimum: There is no longer a need to hold a large thread stock with different colors. You only need one white thread that the Coloreel unit dyes into the color of your choice. Improvements include logistics, flexibility, reduced scrap, and reduced working capital.
  • Unlimited range of colors and new design possibilities: You can produce entirely new creative designs with any number of solid colors and other stunning effects that are impossible to do without Coloreel. And, you can finally create nice looking gradients, easy.
  • Improved embroidery quality: You, as an embroidery producer, will be able to provide better quality embroideries. Keeping track of thread tensions are reduced to only one needle instead of 9, 12, 15 or more. Changing the color of the thread and not needle also brings a smooth backside without tie-outs and trims. It will look exactly as a one-color design. The time-consuming task of changing thread reels between orders is long gone.
  • No thread waste: Dyeing only the amount of thread required reduces material waste and minimizes the use of resources.

By bringing these solutions, Coloreel is revolutionizing the embroidery industry for the better and is the next significant milestone for your business.