How to make an embroidery with Coloreel

The practically unlimited number of colors makes new unique embroidery design possible like shading, 3D effects and many more.
You can freely combine stitch patterns and smooth color changes. Only your imagination limits the design freedom!


Eight steps to

Vibrant Coloreel embroideries

1. Create your own unique Coloreel embroidery design using any digitizing software
2. Save your design as a DST file
3. Open the DST file in Coloreel Studio, our embroidery colorization software
4. Choose any number of solid colors, smooth color transitions or any type of effect that you can imagine

5. Input the DST file into your embroidery machine
6. Input the Coloreel Studio file into your Coloreel unit
7. Start your embroidery machine
8. Watch the future of embroidery taking place in front of your own eyes!



Coloreel Studio

Coloreel Studio is our software for the colorization of your embroidery design. The program is the link between your digitization software and the Coloreel Unit. You use the same dst-file that you load into your embroidery machine. In Coloreel Studio you add all the colors and effects that you need for your final design.

The program is made with simplicity in mind. The tools are carefully selected and simple to use. We use drag and drop for most of the functions. Most of the action happens in the timeline at the bottom of the screen where you can see the
color queue from the embroidery´s start to finish.

Coloreel Studio is under constant improvement and we are adding many new functions and effects.

How to design for Coloreel

When you are designing your embroidery with Coloreel in mind, there are some things that you need to think about.

Connect all shapes in the embroidery design with runstitches. One of the best benefits of Coloreel technology is to change the colors of the thread instead of changing needles. Hence the design doesn’t need trims, locks or tieins if the shapes are connected. After you completed the design and saved it, make sure to set all colors to one and save a copy as a DST stitch file. You will open that file in Coloreel Studio and set the colors there.

Use underlay stitching as with regular embroidery designs. In some cases, you will need to put in some extra to give proper space for the color change to deviate back and forth without being visible in the finished embroidery.

For effect embroideries, like gradients, make sure that the stitching of shapes can run from start to end without interruption. Keeping good track of pathing will be important. Also, remember that most effects will take place perpendicular to the stitch direction.