2017-12-11 | News

Nobel peace prize winner with unique embroideries by Coloreel

When Beatrice Fihn, Executive Director of ICAN, the Nobel peace prize winner 2017, attended the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, she did it in a dress designed by Bahareh Ardakani with the brand Artésir. The dress is made of the finest materials, decorated with luxurious mountain crystals and Coloreel embroideries.    

These unique embroideries are made with more than half a million stitches of 4000 meter Coloreel thread softly changing color from green to blue. With this dress, Beatrice is the first person in the world to carry Coloreel embroideries in public, apart from embroideries shown at events, fairs and catwalks.

Bahareh says “Coloreel opens up entirely new ways of creating embroideries that have not been possible before. The embroideries on Beatrice’s dress is a great example of this. Coloreel is the future of embroidery”. Beatrice agrees and adds “I also really cherish the environmental benefits that come along with this innovative thread coloring technology.”

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