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The innovative Coloreel technology will help you unlock a world of potential. By instantly coloring the thread during production, it enables unique designs and vastly improves overall production efficiency. This is how it works.

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How it works

1. Design idea

With thousands of colors available through a single thread, there are no limits to what you can design. Let your creativity run free.

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2. Stitch design

3. Color design

2. Use your favorite software to do the stitch design.
3. Add the color design and effects in  Coloreel Studio, our free colorization software.

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4. Embroidery production

Input the color design file into the Coloreel unit and your stitch design file into your embroidery machine. The Coloreel unit will instantly dye and treat the thread, creating beautiful, high-quality embroideries

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Product benefits

Creative design freedom

Coloreel offers exceptional design freedom and unique possibilities to create special effects, such as gradients, striped effects, noise etc. The technology also provides practically unlimited solid colors at hand as well as the opportunity to combine stitch patterns and color transitions.


Efficient workflow

The Coloreel technology provides lead time reduction and improved flexibility. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for large inventories with various thread colors as well as the need to order threads in customized colors, ensuring smooth and efficient workflow.


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Durable Embellishment Technology

Coloreel embroideries are made from industry standard thread and built to last. The technology results in more consistent stitch quality as only one needle position is required. Once the thread is colored and the embroidery is done, it can instantly be used and washed without further post-treatment.


Supports your sustainability agenda

Coloreel-powered embroidery machines instantly color the thread while producing, meaning no wastewater, no water pollution and minimized thread waste. And featuring a circular system for color cartridges, the technology supports the textile industry’s move towards more sustainable production.

Technology features:


  • One thread – unlimited colors
  • Works with all modern embroidery machines and brands
  • Coloreel Studio – free colorization software
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface
  • Connected device enables remote support and software updates
  • High quality consumables; ink, thread,lubrication, washing liquid

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