2019-10-07 | News

Sold his embroidery shop to work with Coloreel

Conny Svanberg, a long time embroidery shop owner and former director of the Swedish Embroidery Association, has sold his embroidery business to work full time with Coloreel as an embroidery expert.

Conny Svanberg has been involved for a long time with the development at Coloreel. Last year he started working a couple of days a week and has now gone over to put his whole focus on Coloreel.

Conny has a vast knowledge of the embroidery industry and has been working for almost 25 years in the industry. Conny was the director and one of the founders of SEA (Swedish Embroidery Association) and has been an active voice in the Swedish embroidery industry for a long time.

Why did you sell your embroidery shop?

I worked with my own company Svanberg Brodyr for 16 years and the bigger our company got, the fewer embroidery tasks I got to do. I wanted to work more with embroidery again. So when we found the right buyer, it felt exciting taking the step to work full time with Coloreel.

What do you think about the Coloreel unit?

  • The most important thing is the possibility to mix the colors to be able to create gradients and tonings and that you can get the right color for your embroidery.
  • Minimizing the thread stock will simplify the work and make the whole embroidery process faster.
  • I also like the sustainability focus – we are contributing to creating a better environment.

What do you think the Coloreel unit will mean for the embroidery industry?

The Coloreel unit will mean a lot more than we can imagine; it will completely change the future of embroidery. And that I can be part of this Coloreel journey feels very inspiring!