This is Coloreel

The Swedish company Coloreel offers a solution that creates new business opportunities in the embroidery industry. This enables unique designs never seen before, vastly improves overall production efficiency, embroidery quality, logistics and sustainability. The foundation is a groundbreaking instant thread coloring product and a suite of design and integration software. The product directly feeds any embroidery machine in the market with any solid color or coloring effect you can imagine.

The history of Coloreel

The Coloreel unit with white background

The seed of this innovative idea emerged when, at that time Inventech Europe, a proudly Swedish company dedicated to driving innovation for large businesses, identified several enormous challenges within the textile industry and started working on a solution. During this period, Joakim Staberg, founder and innovator got the brilliant of a thread coloring technology.

After some years of realizing the potential and enormous effort this project required, it was decided to establish a more focused company, Coloreel,  dedicated solely to the development of this solution: “an instant textile thread coloring unit.”

The unique idea evolved with time becoming strong enough to get funding and build partnerships with world-leading researchers and industry leaders throughout the development stages. All these gave confidence and strength to keep working hard until commercial product development started in 2016.

Finally, after many years of rigorous work and dedication despite facing critical circumstances. After watching others trying to work with similar solutions and giving up due to the complexity this project represented. We proudly transformed our unique idea into a unique product.

The Coloreel unit with white background
Embroidery of the Coloreel chameleon
Embroidery of the Coloreel chameleon

In 2018, together with the first live demonstrations of the finished patented product, we made our public product launch of the Coloreel unit at Avantex in Paris.

We are building a strong company and are forming long-lasting relationships with global companies like Ricoh and Scanfil. Together we will build the Coloreel future with our technology.

With all our knowledge and expertise gained through this journey, we are confident that everything is possible. We continue to evolve and fine-tune a brilliant idea destined to take the world by storm. More than anything, we know what it takes to accomplish true change: “Persistence and dedication,” yes. But also, the pure determination that kept us going for many years never to give up, eventually reaching results far better than we initially knew would be possible — taking us to the place where the game-changing idea of one single thread creates unlimited possibilities.