One thread. Unlimited colors.

The innovative Coloreel technology enables high-quality coloring of textile thread on demand. The first product to be launched based on this revolutionary technology is Embroline, a groundbreaking attachment for embroidery machines. By instantly coloring the thread during production, it enables unique designs and vastly improves overall production efficiency.

Creating embroideries never seen before

The Embroline attachment offers a solution to some of the most significant challenges in the embroidery industry. Requiring only one reel of thread, Embroline will bring the industry to a new level, allowing freedom to create unique embroidery without limitations in color use. Also, it improves efficiency by minimizing re-threading time and significantly reducing the need for keeping stock of thread.

Without Embroline With Embroline

Revolutionary thread coloring

Embroline – a thread coloring attachment for the embroidery industry.  It enables unique designs and vastly improves overall production efficiency.


Embroline provides freedom to design and create new types of embroidery. It makes it possible to use colors and gradients in innovative ways, to add smooth color shifting and shades as well as customized details and effects.

  • Solid colors
  • Gradients
  • Effects


Embroline offers both higher quality and increased efficiency when producing embroidery, using fewer resources.

  • Higher quality
  • Faster production due to reduced setup times
  • Reduction of inventories