The Coloreel unit

The groundbreaking thread coloring unit will change the business of industrial embroidery. By instantly coloring a white base thread during the embroidery production, Coloreel enables complete freedom to create unique embroideries without any limitations in the use of colors. Please read more about the unique features of the product and register for more information.

The functionality of Coloreel

Coloreel unit Functionality
Coloreel unit Functionality

The unique Coloreel thread


The Coloreel thread coloring process


The colored Coloreel thread


Embroidery production with any type of embroidery machine


An embroidery with color effects never seen before

Improved embroidery production

  • Lead time reduction and improved flexibility
  • No need for large inventories with various thread colors
  • No need to order threads in customized colors

No machine modifications needed

  • The Coloreel device is a stand-alone unit
  • All major embroidery machine brands can be retrofitted with Coloreel
  • An external stitch sensor is attached to the embroidery machine to measure the exact number of stitches.

Height: 81cm
Width: 31cm
Length: 127cm
Weight: 64kg

Improved overall efficiency

  • Reduced setup time and improved production, due to fewer trims for color changes can reduce total production time by up to 80% for complex designs
  • Possible to react to customers’ specific color requirements instantly
  • Optimizes the use of the embroidery machines
  • Minimize re-threading time for your embroidery

Better embroidery quality

  • No redundant lock stitches
  • Thread quality equivalent to standard embroidery thread
  • More consistent stitch quality as only one needle position is required

Freedom in design

  • Enhanced design flexibility and possibilities to create special effects, i.e., shades to visualize 3D-objects
  • Practically unlimited solid colors at hand
  • Smooth color transitions
  • Combine stitch patterns and color transitions

Withstand washing

  • Once the thread is colored and the embroidery is done, it can instantly be used and washed without further post-treatment
  • The color precision error should be less than <2ΔE, which is very hard for the eye to register.
Jeans comparison between Coloreel embroidery and traditional embroidery


Jeans comparison between Coloreel embroidery and traditional embroidery

The Coloreel unit provides freedom to design and create new types of embroidery. It makes it possible to use colors and gradients in innovative ways, to add smooth color shifting and shades as well as customized details and effects.

  • Solid colors
  • Gradients
  • Effects


Fotball patch embroidery

The Coloreel unit offers both higher quality and increased efficiency when producing embroidery, using fewer resources.

  • Higher quality
  • Faster production due to reduced setup times
  • Reduction of inventories
Fotball patch embroidery


Thread, ink, filter, washing and lubrication fluid

In the Coloreel unit, there are some consumables that you need to change or refill on a continues basis.

Thread cone
Special 2-ply polyester thread – 40 weight.
5 or 10 km cone available

Ink cartridges
Special CMYK ink, four cartridges per Coloreel unit.
We offer two sizes/articles of cartridges 75 and 200 ml. Both sizes/articles will use the same cartridge dimension.
Estimated ink consumption per Coloreel unit and year ~2.4 liter (220 working days per year – 5,5 production hours per day).
Ink cartridges may be changed during production.
Storage life closed or open cartridge, one year.
The empty ink cartridges can be recycled.
Ink should be stored >10 and below 30 degrees Celcius.

Washing fluid & Lubrication fluid

Carbon filter

Thread, ink, filter, washing and lubrication fluid

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