2016-09-21 | News

World premiere at AVANTEX fair in Paris!

On Sep 13th, the innovative Coloreel technology was introduced at AVANTEX in Paris, a trade fair dedicated to high-technology for fashion. Coloreel presented their innovative technology with the potential to bring forth a paradigm shift in the global embroidery industry.

The first product based on this technology was presented to the public for the very first time. The thread coloring device offers a solution to some of the greatest challenges in the embroidery industry. Requiring only one reel of thread per embroidery head, Coloreel will bring the industry to a new level. The precarious handling of a large stock of thread reels and the time demanding rethreading of the embroidery machines may soon be nothing but a memory.

“To be able to provide a product that enables better looking and higher quality embroideries along with vastly reduced time from customer order to delivery, is a dream coming true for me,” says Joakim Staberg, the innovator and founder of Coloreel.

This was a very successful event!