8. Tools menu

What you have learned: Using the Tools Menu

  • To undo a step, press the arrow pointed to the left (located on the left side above the Timeline) or press CTRL + Z.
  • To Redo a step, press the arrow pointed to the right (located next to the Undo button) or press CTRL + SHIFT + Z.
  • To delete a section, select a section > press delete (located to the right in the Tools Menu) or press the delete key on your keyboard.
  • The Thin Stitch View (located below the Undo button) shows all stitches in your embroidery as thin lines.
  • The Thick Stitch View (is the same button as the Thin Stitch View) is the default view of your embroidery.
  • Play up your Embroidery by pressing Play/Stop Timeline (located to the right of the thin stitch view).
  • Help > Keyboard shortcuts, to find shortcuts for Coloreel studio.