Design like never before

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Why choose between print and embroidery? With Coloreel, you can combine the best of both worlds to create new opportunities for your brand. Our technology gives you design possibilities that rival print, but with the durability and luxurious feel of embroidery.

No more design compromises

By dyeing the embroidery thread during production, Coloreel gives you immediate access to an almost unlimited spectrum of colors. Achieve precise color matching and explore stunning effects like gradients and textures that will set your brand apart.

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The sustainable way to embroider

With Coloreel, you only dye what you need, when you need it. Let your brand make a positive impact by minimizing wastewater and making thread dyeing factories and long-distance transports obsolete.

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Coloreel for all brands

Upcycling and personalization with Gina Tricot

"We believe that technology like Coloreel will play a big part in our industry from a sustainability perspective"

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