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Coloreel is a complete thread-dyeing micro factory. With our thread printer and user-friendly coloring software, your embroidery machines can access millions of precise colors in real time. Coloreel can be used with any modern single-head or multi-head embroidery machine. Discover how Coloreel’s digital workflow will bring you the creative freedom you can’t find anywhere else. Literally.

Faster production
Streamline your production with minimized trims and lock stitches. Experience quicker setups with no need for thread reel changes.
Automation ready
Open file formats and modern APIs for seamless integration and enhanced creative flexibility, regardless of which embroidery machine brand you're using.
Exact color matching
Instant access to millions of colors and precise matching with RGB, HEX, L*a*b and Pantone. Design intricate details with our swatch and texture libraries, or use gradients and other color effects.
Drastically reduced water consumption
Eliminate wastewater and slash your water consumption by 97%. Produce efficiently on demand, reducing unnecessary waste.

How Coloreel works

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Our products have been rigorously tested and validated to comply with industry standards for embroidery production. Coloreel embroideries are washable at 60°/95°/dry cleaning with good fastness and low rubbing properties. They are also resistant to UV light, artificial light and perspiration. Explore our support pages to learn more.

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