What is Coloreel?

Coloreel is a revolutionary on-demand dying technology/technique for embroidery thread.

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Is Coloreel compatible with all industrial embroidery machines?

Yes. Coloreel is a standalone unit that works with any
industrial embroidery machine brand. You will be able
to equip your single-head or multi-head (up to multi-8)
with Coloreel.

What is the quality of the Coloreel thread?

Coloreel thread quality corresponds to standard
embroidery thread. We use 100 % recycled polyester
thread from Madeira – 40 weight. No post-treatment is
needed, you can immediately wash, dry clean, or tumble
dry your embroidered products.

What is the highest embroidery speed that Coloreel can reach?

The Coloreel unit is designed to handle all normal
embroideries at all speeds, the maximum speed
depends on your embroidery machines

How many colors can Coloreel produce?

Coloreel uses CMYK technology and can
print over 12 million colors. That is roughly
80% of the Pantone palette.

Do you provide special training?

Yes. The Coloreel team, together with our distributor
network, provides training for everything from design
to production. You can also enroll in Coloreel Academy to enhance your skills.

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Where can I get digitizing and design support?

We have a list of Coloreel certified digitizers that
can support the design and digitization of your
embroidery. Contact us for a recommendation
based on your needs.

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Which manufacturers offer Coloreel

We have producers and manufacturers around the world. We can connect you with a Coloreel user that fits your needs.

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Where can I buy Coloreel?

Coloreel has a global network of distributors. We’d be happy to put you in touch with alocal distributor in your area.

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How much does a Coloreel cost?

The market price of our equipment and products varies by country, region, and configuration. To get a price estimate for your specific needs – get in touch.


How can I get support for my coloreel products?

Visit our support pages to access documentation, manuals, e-learnings. You can also receive further help by submitting a support ticket via our helpdesk.

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