A digital workflow for embroidery

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Start printing your embroidery threads, and combine the flexibility of printing with the high quality of embroidery. With Coloreel, you always have the right color in stock. No need for thread changes between batches, no minimum quantities. Just faster completion and a result that will change how you see embroidery. All while saving water and reducing thread waste.

Three cases

On-demand production
Improved efficiency for small batch production, with digital and integrated solutions for e-commerce embroidery and personalization. Always have the right colors ready, no minimum quantities needed.
Sports and streetwear production
Coloreel can be paired with both multi-head and single-head embroidery machines. Personalization, sampling and limited editions have never been easier to produce.
Fashion production
Millions of colors, precise color matching and effects that were previously impossible. Add Coloreel to your existing embroidery setup and release your creative power.
Profile and workwear production
Match almost any RGB, HEX, L*a*b or Pantone artwork to embroider exact replicas of your customers' logos and branded designs. Coloreel is all you need to ensure a constant supply of millions of thread colors.

Connect with any embroidery machine

You don’t have to change your existing hardware to switch to real-time thread dyeing. Just connect Coloreel to your factory automation, using our open interfaces and free file formats. With our modular stand solutions, Coloreel fits on top of any modern single- or multi-head embroidery machine.

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