November 14, 2023 Stories

Coloreel is the future for on-demand embroideries

In collaboration with German distributor ZSK Stickmaschinen, Coloreel visited customer Shirtful at their main production facility in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany.

Shirtful specialises in on-demand embroidery and digital textile printing for both B2B and B2C customers.

On-demand services like Shirtful offer brands and businesses an easier way to bypass the time, investment, and risk associated with their managing inventory.

Businesses can design and sell their own clothing apparel through their own e-commerce shopfront that’s connected to Shirtful’s fully digital API shop system.

When an order is placed, Shirtful embroider the design on the chosen garment and ship on the brand's behalf direct to the customer who has ordered it.

With Coloreel, Shirtful can offer their customers something that very few competitors can—unique embroideries with precise colours and Coloreel special effects such as shading and multi-gradient at any order quantity.

Coloreel's digital solution creates a seamless workflow very suitable for on-demand production.

In the video below, Mark Busche, CEO of Shirtful shares his first impression of Coloreel's technology and why he believes coloreel is the future for the direct-to-garment embroidery business.