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With no breaks or needle head switches, Coloreel instantly dyes a single thread into any color. The result? Stunning designs with clutter-free underlays. Break free from traditional embroidery constraints and create designs with true-to-life embroidery colors.

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How to digitize for Coloreel
The main difference between digitizing for Coloreel lies in thread management. Coloreel uses a single printed thread, which eliminates the need to change threads for different colors. You create your file in one sequence, and hide color changes in the underlays.
Match almost any color
Coloreel studio is easy to use and includes smart features for color matching, color libraries, and special effects. Import your design from any digitizing software and add precise color to your embroideries.
It's as easy as it sounds.

Works with any digitizing software

Bridge any digitizing software with Coloreel, using your regular .dst files and our free software Coloreel Studio. Additionally, Coloreel is fully integrated with Pulse ID and Tajima DG.


With our multi-thread option, you can combine traditional embrodiery threads with Coloreel threads. Mix them as you wish for cost-effective and creative design.

Explore our embroidery library

Download your favourite designs, and personalize them using Coloreel Studio. You’ll have the power to experiment with endless hues and unique effects.

Coloreel Collection

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