November 14, 2023 Stories Customer case

Coloreel gives high-end fashion manufacturer new possiblites

In collaboration with Portuguese distribution partner MIB - Máquinas Industriais para Bordados, Coloreel visited customer Blur at their main production facility in Barcelos, Portugal where they currently have Coloreel's multi-head solution in operation.

Blur offers its customers a wide range of embellishment techniques including a wide range of digital printing solutions and embroidery including Coloreel. Customers include high-end international fashion sports apparel and brands.

With Coloreel now in operation, Blur can offer their customers more creative and sustainable embroideries, something that very few competitors can.

In the video below, Mariano Dias, CEO of Blur Textile Embellishment, shares his impression of Coloreel's technology and his experience of working with the team at Coloreel.