May 26, 2023 News Press

Coloreel’s 100th patent strengthens robust patent portfolio

Coloreel has obtained its 100th patent, adding to its already substantial portfolio of worldwide patents for its innovative digital thread dyeing technology.

Coloreel’s technology allows any embroidery machine to instantly customize thread color during production. Paired with Coloreel, embroidery machines can access millions of precise colors in real time.

The company has in total 14 patent families which are active in 45 key countries. This comprehensive range of patents currently in use covering all essential aspects of Coloreel’s technology and products. The patents cover the current embroidery application, as well as potential future business areas like industrial sewing, knitting, and more.

Coloreel started around the idea to reduce waste, enable design freedom, and make embroidery production more efficient. With this latest achievement, Coloreel can ensure its ability to safeguard its unique position within the embroidery industry whilst it develops and expands its business globally.

"We are proud to have obtained worldwide patent protection for our Coloreel technology. These patents allow us to expand our presence, enter new markets, and shape the future of the embroidery industry. We look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead as we continue to innovate Coloreel’s technology and products." Says Michael Almroth, VP Research & Development at Coloreel.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Almroth, VP Research & Development Coloreel
+46 725 312 452

Elin Wengström, VP Marketing & Communication Coloreel
+46 769 495 901