April 26, 2023 News Customer case

Uhana design features striking Coloreel embroidery

Uhana has collaborated with Black Moda to release a new design that showcases Coloreel embroidery.

The soft color shading on the tiger embroidery motif was produced by Blur Textile Embellishment in Portugal, using Coloreel's multi-point gradient special effect.

Blur used Coloreel for this color-intensive embroidery project, resulting in a striking design for Uhana. The embroidery was produced using a multi-head embroidery machine, which was paired with Coloreel's multi-head solution to ensure high quality and efficiency.

Uhana, a sustainable Nordic fashion brand, is known for its stunning prints and timeless style.

Black Moda Portugal is a Finnish-owned textile company that specializes in cutting and sewing OEKO-TEX® certified casual tricot clothing.

Blur Embellishment is a leading supplier of embroidery and direct-to-garment printing to high-end fashion and sportswear labels.

"Our technology enables embroidery designs with unprecedented color effects that add depth and dimension to fashion designs," said Elin Wengström, VP Marketing at Coloreel. "We're excited to see how brands like Uhana are incorporating our technology into their creations, making them more sustainable and stylish at the same time."

The Uhana Tiger Sweatshirt is currently available for purchase via uhana.com