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Here you will find the latest design and digitizing news and inspiration as well as access to free downloadable software, design files and so much more.


Coloreel Studio

Our free software Coloreel Studio is the link between your digitizing software and the Coloreel production unit. Here you add colors to the same stitch file you use in the embroidery machine.


Coloreel Collections

Discover Coloreel Collections – our embroidery design files available for free download and use. With regular updates, our themed collections inspire creativity with Coloreel’s instant thread coloring technology. Explore the endless possibilities with Coloreel Studio.





Wild Flora


Ernest Hummingbird


Embroidery Library

Explore our extensive embroidery collection and effortlessly personalize your favorite designs using Coloreel Studio – our complimentary colorization software. With Coloreel, you’ll have the power to experiment with endless hues and one-of-a-kind effects, enabling you to create truly unique and stunning pieces. So why wait? Start exploring now and see how effortless and enjoyable it is to create exquisite embroidery designs with Coloreel Studio!

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 Digitizing Support & Training

The Coloreel team together with our distributor network can provides support and training on how to use Coloreel’s technology, from design to production. In addition we have a list of Coloreel certified digitizers that can support the design and digitization of your embroidery.


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From Sketchbook to T-Shirt

Coloreel and Ricoh partnered with Japanese illustrator Hitomi Morita to create a unique t-shirt collection showcasing their advanced embellishment technology. The result is a stunning display of Coloreel’s instant thread coloring and Ricoh’s Ri-2000 DTG printer system. Discover this exciting collaboration and get inspired.

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