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Coloreel Studio

Our free software Coloreel Studio is the link between your digitizing software and the Coloreel production unit. Here you add colors to the same stitch file you use in the embroidery machine.


Coloreel Collections

Coloreel Trend Collections have been designed to inspire you to unlock your full creative potential with Coloreel’s innovative technology. Discover how easy it is to create your own unique designs with unlimited colors and exclusive special effects today with Coloreel.

Birds of Flight


Winding Snakes




Caged Bird


How to use Coloreel studio

When designing a Coloreel embroidery you need to think in a new way compared to traditional embroidery. A benefit of using Coloreel technology is you only use one needle for all colors. As such, designs do not need trims, locks, or tie-ins if shapes are connected. Therefore, planning of your new vibrant Coloreel embroideries is especially important.

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Become a Coloreel Certified Digitizer

Are you interested in unlock a whole new world of potential for your design and digitizing business?  Then you may consider becoming a Coloreel certified partner. We’re looking for talented and passionate digitizing professionals to join our ever growing global team of certified Coloreel digitizing partners.

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Enroll in Coloreel Academy

Coloreel is proud to launch its new e-learning platform ‘Coloreel Academy’. The academy includes interactive training courses that are designed to make it easy for our customers and partners to efficiently use the Coloreel products for embroidery.

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‘A dream come true for every digitizer.’

Vaya Design, Sweden’s leading puncher, is one of the world’s first certified Coloreel digitizers. Martin Rappinger, digitizer and cofounder of Vaya, is passionate about digital embroidery design and has been for more than 24 years. He has now specialized in supporting Coloreel customers with more sustainable embroidery designs and colorizations.

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 Digitizing Support & Training

The Coloreel team together with our distributor network can provides support and training on how to use Coloreel’s technology, from design to production. In addition we have a list of Coloreel certified digitizers that can support the design and digitization of your embroidery.


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