How to create an embroidery with Coloreel

The practically unlimited number of colors enables new unique and enticing embroidery design using effects such as shading, gradient, noise and many more. You can freely combine stitch patterns and seamless color changes in a way you have never seen before. Only your imagination limits the design freedom!




Eight steps to

Vibrant Coloreel embroideries


Create your own unique Coloreel embroidery design using any digitizing software


Save your design as a DST file


Open the DST file in Coloreel Studio, our free colorization software


Choose any number of solid colors, smooth color transitions or any type of effect that you can imagine


Input the DST file into your embroidery machine



Input the Coloreel Studio file into your Coloreel unit


Start your embroidery machine


Watch your vibrant Coloreel embroidery being produced!





How to design for Coloreel

When designing a Coloreel embroidery you need to think in a new way compared to traditional embroidery.

A benefit of using Coloreel technology is you only use one needle for all colors.
As such, designs do not need trims, locks, or tie-ins if shapes are connected. Therefore, planning of your new vibrant Coloreel embroideries is especially important.

You will still use underlay stitching as with regular embroidery designs, but sometimes you will need to add more to give proper space for color changes to take place.

When applying the unique Coloreel effects, such as gradients, stripes, or noise, think about stitch direction and where the shapes start and end. The stitch file that you export from your digitizing software will then get all of its colors applied using Coloreel Studio.



Coloreel Studio

Our free software Coloreel Studio is the link between your digitizing software and the Coloreel production unit. Here you add colors to the same stitch file you use in the embroidery machine.

In Coloreel Studio you add all the colors and unique Coloreel effects to create stunning embroideries and designs.

The program is self-intuitive to use and uses simple drag and drop functions.
It works in principle like most video editing softwarse with a timeline of colored segments from the embroidery’s start to finish.

Download Coloreel Studio

At this time, the operating systems that support Coloreel studio are Windows 8 and Windows 10.

For a full list of the minimum system requirements as well as guidelines on installation, click here.

Please download Coloreel Studio by submitting your email address below and downloading instructions will follow.


Video tutorials

We have put together a series of 10 short tutorials to help you get the most out of the Coloreel studio software and learn how to apply the various special effects that are possible with Coloreel.
Click on a title in the dropdown menu below to get started.


View the 10 Coloreel Studio tutorials

Designing & Digitizing Support

The Coloreel team together with our distributor network can provides support and training on how to use Coloreel’s technology, from design to production. In addition we have a list of Coloreel certified digitizers that can support the design and digitization of your embroidery.

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