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The core of our product offering is the Instant Thread Coloring Unit, our unique product for instant thread coloring on-demand. The product can be mounted on any modern single-head or multi-head embroidery machine. It’s easy to operate with a smart touch screen panel, can be controlled remotely and works on all standard thread speeds, matching normal production speed.

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Coloreel Studio

Coloreel Studio is our free colorization software that you can download to increase your creativity. You can import your adopted stitch design from any digitizing software to Coloreel Studio in which you can add life, color and texture to your embroideries. Coloreel Studio is easy to use and includes several smart functions and soft proofing features for color matching, color libraries, adding of texture and special effects.

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Design & Digitizing Services

To support our customer’s journey towards more creative and sustainable embroideries we have established an in-house team of experts that can offer you Coloreel design & digitizing services. In addition, we have a network of external partners that can support you with design & digitizing to unlock the full potential of your Coloreel products.

Consumables and service & support

To operate and for your self-maintenance of our products, we offer a comprehensive range of consumables such as recycled thread, ink, lubrication etc. We have also developed a global network for service & support so that you always can get instant on-site or remote access to regular maintenance or urgent service & support.

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