Coloreel’s technology will help you unlock a world of potential. By instantly coloring the thread on-demand, it enables unique and more creative designs and vastly improves overall production efficiency.

  • Can be mounted on all modern embroidery machines and brands
  • Create embroideries with unique texture and effects
  • A more sustainable embroidery technology

   How Coloreel works

Creative Potential

Coloreel’s instant thread coloring technology sets your creativity free and allows you to create unique embroideries with thousands of colors all CMYK, PMS and Pantone compatible. Coloreel also allows you to create designs with exclusive special effects such as vivid multi-point gradients, noise, and stripes never seen before.

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Production workflow

Quality Potential

Coloreel’s technology offers a unique premium look and feel, playing with light and shadows in a way that other techniques can only dream of. With minimum trims and lock stitches, smooth front & backsides, and the ability to embroider on any material, the Coloreel technology are designed to take your offer to the next level.

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Offer your customers a more sustainable embroidery choice thanks to Coloreel’s innovative technology.  By coloring the thread directly, there is no wastewater, hence no water pollution. And, using a single reel of recycled polyester thread and a single needle also means minimized thread waste and minimized microfibre pollution.

Facts & Figures

Coloreel products have been rigorously tested for quality assurance and validated to comply with textile industry standards for embroidery production. Coloreel embroideries are washable at 60°/95°/dry cleaning with good fastness and low rubbing properties. They are also resistant to UV light, artificial light and perspiration. Dive deeper into the product and thread specifications.

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