The new generation of more sustainable embroideries

By instantly coloring the thread during production, using Coloreel means no wastewater, minimized use of chemicals, and minimized thread waste. And featuring 100% recycled polyester, Coloreel products supports the textile industry’s move towards more sustainable production and decorations.


Zero wastewater

On average 215 trillion litres of water per year are consumed by the textile industry. We’re proud that Coloreel-powered embroidery machines instantly color the thread while producing meaning no wastewater and reduced water pollution.

Recycled polyester thread

We are pleased to announce that our solutions have become even more sustainable with the introduction of recycled polyester thread to be used with our ground-breaking products for embroidery. In collaboration with world-leading thread manufacturer Madeira, customers of Coloreel now have the possibility to reduce their impact even further.

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Reduced thread waste

Coloreel’s products provides access to thousands of colors instead of the few standard ones you maybe have in stock, resulting in less overall waste by eliminating the need to house an abundance of obsolete threads and a deadstock of thread reels. All in all, our products support a more sustainable future for the embroidery and textile industry at large.




Awarded for sustainability

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