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Coloreel means any color and any design at any time, with perfect color matching. This unique technology enables you to enhance the efficiency and quality of your embroidery process, taking your business to the next level.

Differentiate and grow

Coloreel enables you to offer more authentic and unique embroideries than your competitors. Efficient personalization, quick on-demand customization and the possibility to revitalize garments end of life are just a few of the benefits that come with this innovative technology.

Enhanced embellishment quality

Upgrading your embroidery machine with Coloreel instantly improves embellishment quality, including minimum trims and lock stitches.
In addition, the high-quality embroideries are built to last, being durable, washable and sun resistant.

Less inventory and waste

The Coloreel technology provides access to thousands of colors instead of the few standard ones you maybe have in stock, resulting in less waste and you not having to house an abundance of obsolete threads. This also means that you can always deliver direct, and efficiently produce very small batches.

A sustainable world

By instantly coloring the thread during production, Coloreel means no wastewater, no water pollution and minimized thread waste. And featuring a circular system for color cartridges, the technology supports the textile industry’s move towards more sustainable production.

Coloreel Story

Sustainability story

sfPORTEQ used Coloreel to support their sustainability initiatives.


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