Unlock the potential for efficient workflow

In business as in life, time equals potential.

Adhering to this motto, Coloreel makes the entire workflow from request to delivery through ideation, design iteration, color-matching, digitization, production set-up and production more efficient. Faster, better and more cost efficient, this is performance unlocked.


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Deliver jobs faster

With Coloreel you can simplify planning and vastly improve overall production efficiency. The technology enables you to get started with new or existing clients right away and you never need to special order thread or custom dye thread – resulting in faster delivery and smoother workflow.

No scrapping of obsolete thread stock

Because you can print any color instantly using a single white thread, the Coloreel technology provides access to literally thousands of colors. A colorful abundance that eliminates stock of obsolete threads.

Improve productivity up to 300%

By instantly coloring the thread while producing, the technology reduces thread reel changes, enabling you to produce faster with many colors and to go quickly from one order to the next without having to change reels. This greatly reduces setup time and improves productivity of complex designs by up to 300%.

Both single head and multi-head installations

The Coloreel technology includes complete workflow support with free colorization software and certified digitizing support.
It’s easy to install with all modern embroidery machines and from major manufacturers.


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