Coloreel on Printful Podcast

Torbjörn Bäck, CEO of Coloreel, was recently invited to be a guest on the inaugural episode of 'Ideas.Fulfilled.', the new podcast hosted by Printful.

During the podcast, Bäck discussed Coloreel's revolutionary technology and its impact on the embroidery industry, as well as sustainability, Web3 digital fashion, and more.

The podcast is released bi-weekly and aims to delve into the world of eCommerce by inviting experienced entrepreneurs and retail industry experts to discuss the latest trends and burning topics in the retail space.

The podcast focuses on providing insights and actionable tips, making it a valuable resource for anyone involved in eCommerce.

Printful has adopted Coloreel's technology to offer unlimited color embroidery to its customers, providing new opportunities to experiment and turn their creative ideas into products allowing retailers to elevate their brands and grow their businesses like never before.

Learn more about Printful’s podcast 'Ideas.Fulfilled.' here.

Listen on Spotify here.

Watch on YouTube here.

Learn more about the possibilities of Printful's unlimited color embroidery with Coloreel here.

Learn more about what Coloreel can do for on-demand production here.

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