November 14, 2023 Stories

Meet our CEO

You have an impressive track record and international leadership experience; how do you see that you will utilize this in your new position as CEO of Coloreel?

The Coloreel team has done tremendous work for many years. I am impressed by how they kept going, never giving up. Having a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve. Coloreel has had an amazing innovative journey up to this point, the company is ready for the next phase and that's where I can bring my knowledge and experience to the table. To widen the business perspective and look at various aspects, keep the right focus in all areas - from R&D to sales and marketing, how to make it all fit together. One of my strengths is how to develop sales together with partners and how to build an organization with competence and energy.

What triggered your interest in Coloreel?

I love being a pioneer and that is what Coloreel is to the textile industry. Coloreel could be a game-changer for part of the textile industry. I am very excited about being part of the journey, going from technology innovation into commercialization and international roll-up.

What's your relation to the embroidery industry?

I have always had an interest in fashion and clothing. And I grew up with a mother who worked as a designer in the textile industry. She was the first female student in the textile technical program in Sweden, and I loved to follow her to work, creating designs and trying the machines in the factory. She was also a pioneer. To learn more about the textile industry and embroidery is very intriguing for me.

I'm looking forward to filling the page. It is amazing how big the embroidery market is, and I see possibilities for us everywhere.

What is your first impression of Coloreel?

I have been onboarding since spring 2021, and I am amazed by the competence of the team and what has been achieved so far in the technology development. There are so many possibilities; we are going to build a very big market for this product.

How do you envision the future of Coloreel?

We want to develop our international footprint. We see great potential in making the Coloreel technology standard in the embroidery business. Coloreel already has a strong technology base; now, we need to focus on building the commercial part.

The global journey, where does it start?

Coloreel is already working globally; we are looking forward to the expansion. Our focus is, first off, the US, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Italy - and of course, our home market in Sweden. And some additional countries in Europe. Further along comes Asia and the Middle East. Let's go!

What future application areas do you see for the Coloreel technology?

The technology of on-demand coloring of the thread opens up so many application areas. One is, for example, knitting. But for now, we are focusing on embroideries.

What are the biggest environmental challenges the textile industry is facing right now and what role will Coloreel play in the movement towards a more sustainable future?

The textile and fashion industries, like all industries, have a lot of challenges and obligations to support sustainable development. We are happy to see that there is an increased awareness within the textile industry on the need to use more sustainable technologies to reduce impact. Our unit removes the wastewater from the traditional process, reduces thread waste, and enables 100% use of recycled polyester. You use what you produce, you only produce the thread you need. We also see that we can inspire the industry to be more innovative, to find new ways of doing things. We are encouraging others to see what is possible, knowledge sharing, and driving the industry forward. We have just started.

Unlock your Potential, what does that mean?

It's how you, by using Coloreel technology, can reach a new level of design and creativity, with no boundaries as of traditional embroidery; such as threading, colors, and transitions. It means you can improve the impression of your product by introducing a new design and how embroidery can look, as you've never seen before.

How do you envision Coloreel changing the way the textile, apparel, and fashion industries use embroideries?

Leveling up! With Coloreel technology, the industry can improve productivity tremendously, and at the same time, the look and feel of the embroidery are being upgraded. This is a brand new way of doing embroidery that hasn't been able to do before. Coloreel technology enhances the value of the product, bringing an upgraded impression of the embroidery. You are no longer limited by a certain number of colors and transitions, you can do seamless transitions, gradients and you can get a new look and feel of the embroidery.

Thank you Torbjörn, it’s great to have you on-board. Take the chance to meet Torbjörn in person on one of the many trade shows Coloreel will be participating in during the remains of 2021 and 2022.