New design possibilities with Coloreel

Today there are several limitations to create embroidery designs that don’t reach expectations from customers such as getting the right colors, gradients or special effects in their designs. Coloreel now provides the freedom to design and create new types of embroideries never seen before and fulfills what the market wants.

Coloreel’s ground-breaking innovation enables high-quality coloring of textile thread on demand, during production. By changing the color of the thread instead of changing needles, you will able to get the right color you need and the embroidery will not need trims, locks or tie-ins if the shapes are connected. Your embroidery quality also improves with more consistent stitch quality.

The way to these new design possibilities is Coloreel Studio, the software for colorizing your Coloreel embroidery design. The program is the link between your digitization software and the Coloreel Unit. In Coloreel Studio, you add all the colors and effects that you need for your design. Remember to use underlay stitching as with regular embroidery designs to give proper space for the color change to deviate back and forth without being visible in the finished embroidery. Coloreel Studio is an essential part of making new innovative embroideries and will create significant value for your business.

Coloreel provides the color you need, new design possibilities and other stunning effects. Now you can finally create nice looking gradients, easy.

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