Coloreel continues to strengthen collaborative partnership with D-house

Coloreel is proud to share and contribute to D-house’s vision for responsible manufacturing technologies and a more sustainable future for fashion.

D-house, part of the DYLOAN group, is an urban laboratory in the heart of Milan. Its technological R&D centre operates responsibly to explore and develop innovative solutions for fashion, art and design world, promoting educational and networking actives. DYLOAN operates worldwide in the clothing, accessories, automotive and design sectors for the main luxury brands and collaborates with the most advanced technological partners and the best schools that represent the very best of the Italian and international fashion system.

"D-house is all about technology and sustainability, we are always on search for new sustainable technologies such as Coloreel." - Loreto di Rienzo, Technology Ambassador Dyloan

Coloreel is proud to be one of D-house’s selected innovation partners alongside such organisations as The Woolmark Company, Bond Factory, Dinamica by Miko, Lineapelle, Stratasys, Framis Italia and Universal Robots.

Coloreel’s partnership with D-house commenced in 2021 with the installation of a single-head Coloreel unit at D-house’s design centre and a joint commitment to explore the possibilities of Coloreel’s technology through design, education and through establishing further synergies with D-house partners for even greater exploration and innovation.

The partnership with Coloreel is an example of concrete synergistic collaboration in the textile sector that demonstrates Dyloan's commitment to responsible innovation and to the application of sustainable, creative and innovative technologies to the fashion sector.

Without the design limitations of traditional embroidery, Coloreel’s design team have worked in close collaboration with the D-house team to develop more sustainable and innovative embroidery designs on new and responsible materials.

The results have been showcased with D-house at such international trade fairs such as Lineapelle, Pitti Immagine Filati and WSM- White Sustainable Milano.

All these events have been an exclusive opportunity to show the unique activity of integration between supply chain, technological manufacturing, know-how and responsible innovation carried out by D-House in synergy with its international technological partners.

In addition, D-house by DYLOAN exhibited some samples provided by Coloreel  digital embroidery technology at WSM – White Sustainable Milano edition , the innovative show for fashion-tech and sustainability.

D-house organizes exclusive professional workshops related to technologies where Coloreel participated at D-house Academy in the seminar Responsible Technology Digital Embroidery 4.0 demonstrating a commitment to sustainable, creative and innovative technology and responsible from early design stages to production.

Brands and industry partners seeking more sustainable and creative embellishment and decoration can schedule an appointment to visit D-house and experience Coloreel’s technology live with a personal demonstration.


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