Coloreel is expanding and reaching new markets

Going from two to ten employees in the sales team in just six months, and five more team members on their way - Coloreel is expanding fast. We're checking in with Sven Öquist, VP of sales, to find out the latest news and what to expect as Coloreel takes over the world of embroideries.

What's going on at Coloreel?

There is so much going on! For the last months I’ve noticed a change, the market is ready for our new technology. We have ten focus markets, such as; the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Italy, France, Benelux, Sweden, and of course the US market that is now open again for travel. For the first time in the world's history, we have demonstrated and showed our six-multi-head-unit at the Impression Expo, Long Beach, USA together with Hirsch Solutions. It was a success, we have many leads to follow up on. And we recently delivered our first Coloreel unit to a mega-brand producer in China.

What new opportunities lay ahead? 

We have just installed the second multi-head unit at a large distributor in Portugal, and that is a highly prioritized market for us as Portugal has a large textile export. We have also sold a 8 Multi-head to Italy, the center point for design in Europe. We already have established a showroom in Milano and we have a collaboration with a big distributor. Another premium embroidery market is in France, where we now have established a collaboration with two distributors. And in Germany, we've just signed a big deal together with ZSK, one of the world's largest distributors of embroidery machines. We are looking forward to seeing what will happen as we are now part of ZSK’s large network of distributors.

What is Coloreel's mission?

To save the world from dull embroideries. That must come to an end. The Coloreel technology erases limitations that, in traditional embroidery, have previously been a matter of course for the industry. The market is boiling, all distributors in all markets of embroidery machines are doing their all-time high this year. The demand for embroidery that is top quality, with an authentic feeling of being handcrafted, is high. It's a renaissance!

What trend do you see in the embroidery industry?

There has been a trend of print-on-demand - and now we notice an increase in embroidery on demand. The world wants to personalize its clothing, choosing its own embroidery - and doing so in a sustainable way. For companies and industries that have sustainability in focus - we are the best option for sustainable embroideries, and for that, I am very proud. You have all colors in the world connected to your embroidery machine - using just one single thread.

How do you describe Coloreel’s state of innovation today?

Innovation has been our main focus for many years, and now we are more than ready to bring it out to the market. The Coloreel technology has a high standard; robustness, stability, and usability are heavily increased. We are more confident with our product, and we are at the pillar that we've longed for. And we know that our customers are satisfied with our product - we see many going from a single head to a multi-head, increasing their production.

What’s next for Coloreel?

We want to show the world all possibilities that embroidery can do! Embroidery is just our first application. Just wait and see for knitting, sewing, weaving—we are innovating all the time.


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