Coloreel launches colorful fashion collaboration with Maxjenny! 

Swedish designer, Maxjenny Forslund, started her high-end, sustainable international Copenhagen-based clothing brand, Maxjenny! in 2017.

By combining clean lines, bright colours, and colourful prints, Maxjenny designs can only be described as being atypical yet luxurious and over-the-top. 

" I love how colours can leave an imprint. For me, colours are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and can be mixed in infinite ways.", says Maxjenny

Maxjenny is always looking for new ways to enhance and develop the Maxjenny! brand, so learning about Coloreel and the design possibilities the technology it presented both creatively and from a sustainability aspect. 

“Embroidery without the traditional color and design limitations, was totally inline with the Maxjenny design philosophy. One thread and unlimited colours!’ 

Immediately Maxjenny knew it was the perfect compliment to  her designs and brand. 

"My mind started buzzing with design ideas of what it could do and where it could be applied to enhance my designs and make them even more unique and iconic." 

Coloreel’s design team had the brief to enhance the Maxjenny brand and bring Maxjenny’s unique ideas to life. 

Continuing on the theme of Maxjenny’s popular graffiti collection. The team designed a custom logotype design to be place on the silhouette. The embroidery is designed with multiple-point gradients to create a graffiti spray paint effect that would not be possible with traditional embroidery.

Placed on the chest of the garment, smooth fronts and backs thanks to minimal lock stitches, further enhance the fit and overall quality of the garment. 

Maxjenny! is known for it’s colourful and one-of-a-kind prints. The color gradients on the graffiti design are impressively vivid and work so well with the brand!  I can’t believe that this is embroidery!” 

Maxjenny! is also conscious on how they can make their collections more sustainable. The brand aims for 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials, and selects less intensive modes of transport where possible. With recycled polyester thread and minimal water used in production, the fact that Coloreel offers the most sustainable embroideries available today allow Maxjenny to maintain its sustainability promise. 

Recently Maxjenny’s Coloreel graffiti dresses were premiered on the catwalk at Orange County Fashion Week in partnership with LA Fashion Week in-front of California’s fashion elite. 

The Coloreel graffiti dress is available to purchase at maxjenny’s flagship store in Stockholm, Sweden and online at 


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