Coloreel provides next-generation tools for Tajima Europe

Coloreel technology is providing an instant thread coloring technology, that has never been seen in the traditional embroidery industry. One of many clients is Tajima Europe, and they are happy to add another dimension to their offering.

Tajima is the world-leading manufacturer of Japanese industrial embroidery machines. Tajima Europe, with the location in the south of France, is the touchpoint connecting Europe with Japan.

Franck Raynal, general director of Tajima Europe, who started off in the industry as a digitizer and embroidery software development, loves putting Tajima Europe on the map and being in the front of connecting distributors and clients who are on the lookout for new single and multi-head embroidery machines. He is always up to speed with the latest in the industry.

- I’m happy for the opportunity to work with Coloreel technology. I want to see how far and how we best integrate Coloreel into our solutions, Franck says.

Customers are attracted by the new technology

The collaboration is in an early stage, but already customers have expressed an interest.

- Our customers are attracted by the new technology that Coloreel brings. They want to find out more and to see what can be made by this new way of coloring. I want to inspire our customers to see the benefits of adding this new technology to their embroidery machines.

Coloreel offers new possibilities 

Franck Raynal is intrigued by the unexplored effects and color effects that make complicated designs possible.

– This new technology is bringing new ideas into our traditional industry, it’s an exciting addition, he says.

He reflects on the rare occasion of new technology happening in the embroidery industry.

– Coloreel technology is bringing new blood into our industry. The challenge is finding the best solution to add it to existing machines. I am intrigued, it is a little revolution going on, Franck says.

The sustainability aspect of Coloreel technology

One of the many perks of Coloreel’s technology is the sustainability aspect. Less water waste and storage is needed when there is one single thread, being instantly colored during the embroidery

– You save thread stock storage and minimize the risk of needing to dispose of the left-over thread reels after a project, which is common in traditional embroidery. And another thing that is very appreciated is the offer of unlimited colors and the loss of stitch stops on the back of the embroidery, Franck says.

Exciting times ahead

Franck and his team are excited to keep on exploring new possibilities and collaborations with Coloreel.

- Coloreel brings a stronger value to our offering. The technology widens the possibilities of personalization of products, bringing so many colors to the table. The possibilities are unlimited, Franck says.


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