Service and Support plays key role in Coloreel’s success and continued growth

Miriam Stilling is happy every day she comes to work. As Service and Support Manager at Coloreel, she is often in contact with customers using Coloreel’s products and is the one who makes sure that all installations are done perfectly. We touched base with Miriam to find out why it is that she loves so much about her job.

What is your role at Coloreel?

I am Head of The Service and Support department. Our department handles all installations of the Coloreel units when Coloreel is directly involved. Over time most installations will be done by our growing network of local distributors. Our department also handle feedback or support tasks from our distributors and end customers. And we are very active in the onboarding and training process on how to use our units.

Tell us about the team?

Right now we are a total of seven people with different backgrounds, ages, several nationalities and expertise. It is a very exciting team, we work well together and the team spirit is high. That goes for everyone at Coloreel, you can tell that we love what we do. I feel happy every day I come to work.

How did your journey with Coloreel start?

Since I joined the team I have recruited everyone in the team and it's been a fun ride. I was being recommended by an earlier boss of mine and I was offered the job just one week later. I was intrigued, and still enjoy the fast pace and the transformation that is going on. It's fun to be in the middle of that. At Coloreel we are making a difference and we have a bright future ahead of us.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? 

I really like the spirit we have in the team! We talk about everything and we have fun together. It's a team effort. Everyone works well together and it's a cross-functional team.

What are the challenges when bringing Coloreel out to the market?

To get our customers to be really successful using the new unlimited possibilities. We are involved showing and educating customers on how to make their new designs without the limitations they had to take into consideration using traditional embroidery. You need to see it with your own eyes to understand the wide range of possibilities. Everyone who sees the Coloreel unit in action gets that Wow-reaction.

Tell us about a typical day at Coloreel? 

We have a lot of things to do. My team gets to be involved in almost everything. I do a lot of planning. And the team goes all over the world for installations. At the moment we have two coworkers in Germany, one in the US, two in Sweden, and also some Indian coworkers who are here for training. All incoming questions from customers and distributors are handled by our team, and we make sure they are all being answered. The team is also in charge of the spare parts, we make sure that when needed they are being shipped to the customer.

How do you interact with customers who need service and support? 

Our system is Zendesk where we collect all tickets. The team is always the ones in contact with our customers, we call, use WhatsApp, or reply digitally to the ticket. We use internal resources to get the best answers and then communicate them to the customer.

How do you onboard new customers? 

Our technicians visit the customer to install the unit. They walk you through everything you need to know. From how to thread the unit to how to use it. It usually takes about a day, and the customer gets to use the unit with their own design to make sure it all works smoothly. So it's an effective mini-training.

How is the service and support team growing?

As sales increase – our team will as well, as the demand is higher. We are in a good place right now and I am looking forward to our next step which is training distributors on doing the installation themselves.

What's your impression of Coloreel?

The colors are more precise, and the possibilities are endless of gradients, 3D effects, metallic effects, and personalization - the things you can do with our new technology are awesome. The embroidery looks like pictures! That is impossible with traditional embroidery. You will also get new possibilities to make production more efficient. We are also very proud of having a very sustainable offering.


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