Sustainable embroideries inspiring Scouts

The Guides and Scouts of Sweden is a worldwide organization that plays an important role for the future, inspiring and teaching our next generation skills for life. As part of the lifestyle and identity, the Guides and Scouts of Sweden have a merchandise webshop, offering a variety of merchandise for outdoor and indoor activities. They have just launched a limited collection of caps with sustainable Coloreel embroideries.

– Coloreel and The Guides and Scouts of Sweden are a perfect match, we share the same passion for sustainable active choices, doing our best to make it a better world, says Anna-Karin Öman, Sales Manager.

Anna-Karin Öman is head of the Merchandise and for the Scoutshop and she is always looking out for possibilities how to make scouts’ merchandise more sustainable. As part of that journey, the Guides and Scouts of Sweden use the motto “Eko & Reko”, which means that they strive for the merchandise to be using sustainable materials, sustainable production methods and to be produced ethically when possible. When The Guides and Scouts of Sweden heard about Coloreel and sustainable embroidery, they wanted to collaborate and take action.

– Just imagine using one single thread that is instantly colored! I didn't even think that was possible. Less thread and wastewater... I am fascinated by the sustainability aspects of this new technology, she says.

Focus on sustainable production methods

Anna-Karin was about to create new and creative caps that the members of Guides and Scouts of Sweden would be proud of, and invited Coloreel to the project. Coloreel introduced her to a designer, Mikael Thelin, who got creative and wanted to add another designer to the team; his daughter Tora, who is an active Scout member herself.

– I was so happy to have Tora on board, a 16-year-old scout who gave us so many insights during the process. We wanted to use a design that worked both in our scout world, but also out in the wider world.

”Almost everything is possible to embroider

Early on in the design process, they made an active decision not to have any creativity limitations. With the mindset "Everything is possible to embroider" the team came down to four designs with gradients and transitions.

– We presented all our designs to the team at Coloreel, and they made four samples. It came down to two caps, and we decided to produce both of them. They looked amazing!

Coloreel makes it happen

Anna-Karin Öman highly recommends the Coloreel technology.

– Coloreel is revolutionizing the textile industry, providing a method to make embroidery more sustainable. You can tell the difference even during the design process, there is less trial and error than traditionally. The thread is spot on in coloring, you don't need to try out different reels. Using less material, she says.

She is inspired and is looking forward to using Coloreel technology in more items.

– I want to look into using Coloreel technology on bags, t-shirts, and much other merchandise. It is so much fun to be in the design hub without constraints, and just ask yourself; what would be amazing to design? What look-and-feel would you love? And then. Coloreel makes it happen.

Climate compensation and priorities

The Guides and Scouts of Sweden have been taking action on evaluating all their merchandise. Among other things, their Scouts uniform is 100% Fairtrade and made with GOTS certified cotton. Delivered in a practical packing bag, made out of cotton waste.

– Our policy is to prioritize transportation by boat and climate compensation through Zero Mission. We keep our motto "Eko & Reko" in mind and bring it to every conversation with our suppliers, working all the time to find more sustainable solutions, she says.

– We are not perfect, but we are trying our best to make sustainable and active choices, it’s an ongoing journey and we are fully dedicated.

Navigating sustainable decisions

– It’s challenging to navigate sustainability. The best solution would of course be to not sell any merchandise at all, Anna-Karin Öman says. We have a high demand for products in our webshop, it is valued by our members to have items that identify them as scouts. They are proud to be scouts and want to wear our logotype on shirts, t-shirts, and caps.

About the Scouts – facts and figures

The Guides and Scouts of Sweden is the place where children, youth and adults make new friends, explore life, and go for adventures outdoors. There are 50 million scouts worldwide, and in Sweden, there are 75 000 active members. The Guides and Scouts of Sweden vision is “Young people who make the world better”, and aim to be a safe space for children and youth to grow as individuals and leaders.

– We are a community where everybody is welcome! Just be yourself. You are part of the team, no one is left behind. It's amazing to see how the kids grow and learn, not just about outdoor activities, but also how to treat one another, and how to be responsible for oneself and others.


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