Coloreel partners with ZSK Stickmaschinen

Coloreel enters into a new partnership with ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH to bring Coloreel's innovative instant thread coloring technology to users and customers of the ZSK's embroidery machines.

ZSK is the leading German manufacturer of industrial embroidery machines. Their innovative single and multi-head machines are engineered and made in Germany and deliver to customers all over the world.

'We're extremely pleased to be partnering with ZSK Stickmaschinen to bring Coloreel's innovative technology for more creative and sustainable embroideries to ZSK's users and customers around the world.' -  Sven Öquist, Vice President of Sales, Coloreel

To begin the partnership Coloreel visited ZSK's head office in Krefeld, Germany to onboard the team.

In the video below, Britta Sanders, responsible for Digitizing Software and training at ZSK, shares her first impressions of the Coloreel technology and her excitement for the potential it can unlock for ZSK embroidery machine users and customers around the world.

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